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Each sleeved pack contains 10 cards

Pokemon Sword & Shield Battle Styles Sleeved Pack (One Random Pack Art)

  • 10 Cards Per Pack—Packs Sold Separately. 

    The Pokemon Sword & Shield Battle Styles Blister Pack will give your collection a boost and help you become the greatest trainer. Each Sword & Shield Battle Styles pack has 10 cards to add to your collection. With over 160 unique cards to battle and collect, these Pokemon Battle Styles packs will help you unleash new power and strengthen your deck. Catch them all and become the greatest trainer there ever was with the Pokemon Sword & Shield Battle Styles Blister Pack.


    • Each blister pack contains 10 cards
    • Over 160 unique cards to collect and battle
    • Package images vary; Sold as individual blister packs of 10 cards
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